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AMS Company, Air Conditioning and Air Filtration Solutions, is a leader in Israel in providing air conduction and air filtration solutions.

Among our services: industrial ventilation systems, suction and evacuation of dust and various floats from industrial production, evacuation and filtering air saturated with smoke, soot and oil, local or central systems, evaporation systems in the field of catering, blowers and emergency evacuation and smoke Extraction systems, supplying suction equipment filtering for private customers or contractors interested in self-installation.

The company activity is based on 20 + years’ extensive and knowledge in the field of air filtration, providing the best solution to customers meeting time and uncompromising quality. AMS represents some of the world’s leading companies and specializes in unique production and design. We provide tailor made solutions: Integrated advanced equipment such as units, Extraction and filtering facilities for dust and smoke, welding and soldering, systems for the machining industry (Extraction and filtering sawdust and chips, Extraction and filtering of cooling vapors such as oil and emulsion, etc.).

These systems can also incorporate suction means such as articulated suction arms, receivers, suction hoods, crack hoods, suction tables and more.

Our company coordinates visits to the customer’s site in order to collect accurate and necessary data, to design and construct ventilation solutions to ensure customer success. Among our customers: Tnuva, Beit Shemesh, Phenicia, Kafrit, Elkayam and many more

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